It's FRIDAY! Let's share our end of the week good stuff! Anything great, good or just ok that happened this week, share it here!

I shall go first: my hair looks AMAZING today. I'm using Patene Pro V BB Cream for your hair and it has done wonders for my curls. I have Esperanza Spaulding hair today.

I'm on a job for the next two weeks with a production supervisor who is AWESOME.


It's a "tabletop" job which means it's on a stage with no talent, only food. These commercials are super easy to plan and really relaxing to shoot, so I'm a super happy camper.

I've got a nice nest egg piling up in my savings-I just checked and I have two months rent for a reasonable place saved already. The Move Out of Mom's House Fund is coming along swimmingly.


So what good stuff has been making you all happy this week?