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Friday DeSqualor

Even though I am on summer break, I got up bright and early this morning to get stuff done. I went for a run, took my dogs for a walk (with the hubs who has the day off!) and then proceeded to spend the rest of the morning cleaning the house. It wasn’t that bad, but I just wanted to give the place a proper clean. The thing is, after the gym I didn’t change out of my gym clothes (I know, ew! I ran 5 miles, so they were undeniably gross) because I was going to take the dogs for a walk so why get two sets of clothes sweaty? Then I needed to clean the house and at 10 am it was already in the low 90s. So, stayed in the gym clothes. Finally finished the cleaning and took what felt like the most glorious shower of my life. Has anyone else ever done that? Just kept wearing some stanky clothes because the next task was going to get you sweaty so why get three different sets of clothes gross (I am saving water, we’re in a drought!!)? Anyone else cleaning up this fine Friday?


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