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Friday Facebook Contest!!!!

We all need something to get us through this day, at least until Fuck it Friday rolls along, so I would like to hold a contest.

The contest will be: Who can go forth to their Facebook and bring back the most ridiculous thing they find posted there? It is open to all content (images, articles posted, status updates, comments), as long as said content is unreasonably offensive. Now when you look at your Facebook you can be excited when you see something horrific because you'll have a great contest entry, instead of partially incapacitated by a rage stroke!


The rules are:

1) Must have been posted in the last week

2) Must be completely ridiculous

3) Don't dox anyone; if it involves dialogue please make those little color lines over names!

Contest entries will be judged on recommends (so recommend your favorites as you enter yours!) and rated on a scientific "what is this fuckery" spectrum that I call the "Mainpage Scale", that goes from (1) Mildly Tasteless Dirtbag Joke to (10) Hugo Schwyzer.

So go forth, brave GTers! Check your Facebooks! Unblock your racist old uncle and that anti-vax friend from high school! Bring back the spoils here.


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