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Friday Facepalm

Come tell us funny stories! What are dumb things you, your family, and/or your friends have said or done that still make you giggle?

For some reason, I was thinking of a couple of funny stories about my in laws today.


One happened about maybe 10 years ago: We were living across the country and were fairly broke so we bought token Christmas gifts but then I made baked goods to send along.

Since it’d take a couple days for the box to get back to our parents’ state, I made biscotti, thinking, Hey, it’s supposed to be dry—it’ll work out perfectly!

I told Homey my plan and he said, My parents don’t know what biscotti is.

I was like, You always think your parents are country bumpkins—they know what biscotti is. Give them some credit.


Cut to Christmas morning: MIL calls and thanks us for the presents, “but the cookies are too dry and hard. FIL says they’re ok, if you dip them in coffee.”

D’oh! I guess Homey was right. But at least I can still get a laugh every time I see biscotti. :)


Your turn!

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