I am trying to get up the courage to do a closet purge. It’s not going to go well, since I regularly swing from “OH GOD I LOVE ALL OF IT EVERYTHING STAYS” to “Ugh I hate everything burn it down!”

But even when I do a purge, there are things that will always stay. One piece in particular is pretty much my favorite thing, ever. It’s a sweater I bought in 1987 at Fashion Bug. I still have it. I still wear it on occasion. It’s made out of some kind of acrylic/titanium hybrid because this thing is 28 years old and STILL LOOKS NEW. The colors are still as eye-searingly bright (a bit washed-out in the photo because I am not good at everything, you know) as they were the day I got it. This sweater has never shed or pilled. It’s literally my favorite article of clothing, ever.

What’s yours?