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Welcome To The Bitchery
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Friday foodstuffs

I'm currently eating this (only not as neatly presented). It's delicious. And I just looked up to see the cat finishing the chunks of fat I pulled off before I at it, so clearly he agrees.

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I also made this butter, only with sardines instead of anchovies. Also, I didn't caramelize the onions and instead of whipping the butter, I just melted it with everything else and then let it solidify. So really I made a lazy butter based on that one. First time I've tried sardines, and I approve. Why is my mom so against tinned fish? I should have known not to just trust her on this one. She refuses to eat runny/oozy eggs, too.


I've eaten way too much today, but I'm happy with it. Now if you'll excuse me, I need to go keep the cat from licking the knives.

You know the drill: What's for [insert meal here]?

ETA: Oh, and I might start this tonight for tomorrow's breakfast, since my host fam left behind a baguette and a half and they're already pretty stale.

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