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Friday Fuck It!

Hey everybody!! It's Friday! Time to FUCK ALL THIS SHIT!

Is your co-worker being a dick about something, in that pissy, whiny little voice of his? It's Friday! Fuck it!

Did your dog just shit in the living room, right after you took him/her for an hour-long walk to the park? Not gonna get mad about that shit! It's Friday! Fuck it!


Did your SO just tell you that they thought about that awesome idea you had of spending the weekend marathoning of Stanley Kubrick's films in chronological order then watching Room 237 but sorry their sister and her three kids are coming in town for a last minute visit. Don't get steamed! It's Friday! Fuck it!

Did your colleagues just 86 your plans to have lunch that new four-star sushi place in town because they want to go to Chili's? Oh boy. It's Friday! Fuck it!

Is your boss trying to get you to finish some tedious project before the weekend, so it'll be ready for him to complain about on Monday? Too bad! It's Friday! Fuck it!


Did your mother send you that email asking "Why haven't you called? And also did you cut your hair yet? I'm worried because when it gets too long it makes you look so cheap." No need to respond to that! It's Friday! Fuck it!

My Fuck It Friday is watching a team of so-called "media professionals" fuck up a huge story and totally drop the ball on our coverage! Oh awesome! Fuck it! It's Friday!!!


So, what shit do you need to fuck? Tell me below! It's Friday!! What's are you saying 'fuck it!' about?

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