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Friday Fun!

Happy Friday, guys! What are yall up to? Is anyone else bored at work and just slowly counting down the hours until they can be bored at home? Spoiler alert: I am! So I have put together this collection of my fellow bored people to peruse, in the hopes that you will also share your fun and entertaining sites because now I've already looked at all of these and I need moreeeeeee.

First, this kid makes me so happy and is the best Bar Mitzah invitation ever. Please watch the entire thing because the best song is at the end.... and his whole family working on this is so cute.


Second, I laughed so hard at these - someone started a tumblr writing captions for what the people on the front of old patterns are doing. (also if someone knows where I could buy that vintage pattern for women's sailor suits I am all in)



And then here is your friendly lizard, playing a leaf guitar! He's so chill.

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