So, we've reached that point where we're starting to think about baby names. Two weeks from today, assuming the kid will show its nethers, we should find out what we're expecting. The problem is, husband and I aren't coming up with much of anything.

So far, all my husband has is Idris, which he likes for a boy or a girl. We're big Doctor Who fans, so Idris for a girl is okay, I guess. I would feel strange about naming a boy Idris, though, because of Idris Elba's popularity. Not that he isn't awesome, because he is, but because we would constantly get "Oh, like Idris Elba?" Eh...

Our daughter is vying for Benedict or Benedikte (props to her internet skills for finding that one on her own), but I am not naming a child after Benedict Cumberbatch, thankyouverymuch. Again, not because he isn't awesome,

I've always liked Sabine, Tegan, and Devi as girl possibilities (though Tegan is getting a little too popular), but I've got basically zip in the boy department.

We like names that are different, but not purposely odd. My husband was one of several people in his class with the same name, but I never met someone else with my name until I was in college. We just don't want our kids to have to be a "John R." or "Jennifer C." And we are firmly in the anti- Jaden/Hayden/Caden/Aidan/Peyton camp.


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