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The Daily Dump: Friday I'm in Love

A brief skim of GT reveals that today, we talked a lot about emotions and relationships and the fact that it's Friday. What better way to start the dump than a song about all of these things? Even if there are not cats.

Bumblecat endrunkened her human, Kirov found the owners of the kitty, Cumberbuttcheeks has in-law stress, and it's all making me very emotional. While we're talking about cats, RemediosVaro has bonded with her coworkers over cats.


KittyIntheCity, Bumblecat, and me would like to say BLERGH to the GURG.

Because it's Friday, it's raining cats and dogs. (Aren't I clever?) If anyone cares, Pandora was playing the Fresh Prince theme song this morning. I didn't have the heart to skip or downvote even though it was not quite what I wanted to hear at 9am.


RELATIONSHIPS. It's been a hell of a day.

Esodigoyo had an awkward moment with her mom. JennyApples had a sex dream about Buster. Alter_ego is analyzing sexuality in Bob's Burgers. RemediosVaro has the FMK from hell, but Wax_tadpole's might be worse. Medusa Asudem has a crush on Riff Raf or however he spells his name. And there's always OKC (1 and 2). But in a surprising twist, Imaginaryfriend lets us know that there are people out there that think Romeo should have hooked up with Bella instead of Juliet.


This doesn't fit with the theme, but I am a fan of this new series, Property Porn Pfriday. We are comparing ourselves to famous people.


Also, happy birthday NomNom83. And our very best wishes to lizzhaa.


P.S. The end of the YT video has a link to what appears to be HP porn. I haven't watched it, but the photo preview doesn't look very good.

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