Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery
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Happy music is the best vacation! I am dancing a time tunnel to the 1980s, jump in!

There has been a mini-renaissance in the past 5 or so years of electro/synthwave artists who recall the best parts of 80s dance pop with a modern sensibility. And there is NO better music for bopping around the living room on Friday night, getting ready to forget this shitnado of a week! Check out this wonderful crystallized happiness from Futurecop! :

Is that the guy!? From that show?! The chick from that shitty movie!??! Why yes it is.


Electric Youth is probably the best-known example of the genre after appearing on the Drive soundtrack, and they are stellar:

And finally, a personal favorite from Rosso Corsa (a label that specializes in this sound) the best theme for an 80s teen movie that never got made, Silent Gloves' "So Real:"

Guaranteed that none of these songs will bum you out or otherwise darken your Friday! So what makes you smile so big you have to dance, GT?

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