Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

So I fucking missed Cornell West speaking at my Uni the other evening. Fuuuuckk....Love that guy.

I miss my mommmy.

My bath time convo with the Darth Lord last night:

Darth Toddler: Darth Vader is coming

Darth Mum: Oh, is he? Why?

DT: He’s coming for me. *far away look*

DM: Uh... (DT repeats again) well...what would Darth Vader like to do...

DT: He’s coming for me.

DM: Well, we should be good hosts. What do you think DV would like for a snack?

DT: Pickles.

Also, turns out Darth Vader likes apple juice and his best friend is Darth Maul and his favourite song is the Yoda Song (I dunno what that is). And he sang me the Luke Skywalker song which he made up lyrics to but no tune and I think Luke is dead.


The weather is wonderful so it’ll park time after work today.

So lovelies what’s good with y’all?


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