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Friday News dump

Trump is using our warm feelings about HW that were left over from the funerals and is appointing former HW Bush AG Barr to replace Sessions/Whittaker.

This guy:

Thinks Roe was decided incorrectly

Thinks Mueller’s team is too liberal

Recommended pardoning more of the Iran/Contra perps.

Just when you think he can’t do worse, he finds someone worse.

2. Is nominating former Fox News host/spokesmodel Heather Nauert to replace Nikki Haley—she has literally NO foreign policy experience on her resume—but “she’s a quick learner” and she’s blond.


They are down-grading the position to be non-Cabinet level.

More to come today—

1. Comey is in closed session with the Senate Intel committee—-they are saying this could go long into the night. He is guaranteed he will get a transcript he can release to the public.


2. Mueller’s Cohen sentencing memo


3. Mueller’s Manafort sentencing memo. After the redacted memo we got from Flynn’s hearing I don’t hold high hopes on this.


4. Back and forth with WH sources on whether John Kelley is going to be out soon AND Trump is promising some kind of big reveal on something related to the Joint Chiefs of Staff.


This is too much for one day.

Post your news of the day!

PS—I guess we’re too used to it for this to make much news—last night CNN was shut down again for a bomb threat shortly after Trump was ranting on Twitter about “FAKE NEWS”.


UPDATING: They are making Comey come back to testify more week after next. Sounded like he thought today was kind of bullshit.


Cohen memo is SCATHING—-no mercy—-listing all his crimes and how bad they are. Doesn’t sound like “doing the right thing” got him much mercy.


(Cohen memo is from SDNY—not Mueller) Recommending 42 months in prison and $100,000 fine. Said he limited what he would discuss with them.


Mueller’s memo not much better, says he should get some (not much) credit for cooperation and be able to serve any term for other crimes concurrently with the SDNY sentence.



Just in Mueller’s Manafort memo about his lying will have a lot that is redacted that we won’t see.

So now we understand Mueller sending this case to SDNY—-essentially the SDNY memo is essentially saying that they have corroborating proof that Trump ordered Cohen to commit a Federal felony and the only reason he is not indicted is because of Justice Department guidelines about not indicting a sitting President. SO now it’s out there—and it’s not just Mueller saying it. Legal people on MSNBC saying this is historic —they’ve never seen something like this in their experience.



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