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Welcome To The Bitchery

How’s everyone who isn’t going out? How’s everyone who is going out/went out and now is home?

Update on the secret admirer from the gym. To recap, some dude left a note for me with his phone number and name at the gym with the front desk guy after asking front desk guy for my name (which he was professional about and didn’t share).


I figured eventually our paths would cross at the gym, and I wasn’t about to text some rando, so it was a waiting game. I knew tonight would be my best chance to run into him.

Was talking to the front desk guy and this grumpy older dude shoved by to leave and front desk guy was “Bye (name of guy on the note), have a good night” with no reply from the dude. That was him. The note leaver guy.

What the fucking fuck. Dude looks like he’s my dad’s age. Easily 30 years older than me. I know lots of people date older folks, but nope. Not that much older. Plus rude to not respond to the guy at the front desk, plus really freaking rude to not introduce himself to me. What, you’ll give a phone number to someone you’ve never talked to but can’t walk over and introduce yourself? FUCK YOU BUDDY.

I should have known better. Like I should have known he’d be either some old fucker or some mega creep. I’m mostly mad at myself for having the hope that he would be some normal dude someone close to my own age. I wasn’t expecting him to be some swole bro or anything like that, I just was hoping for average guy aged 32-42 who isn’t a Republican.

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