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Like Sunday and Thursday this will feature a musical theme and then a general theme or themes. Keep in mind since this is an open thread you can talk about whatever as long as it stays within the GT guidelines.

Today's musical theme: What is love?

Fuck, Marry, Cuddle: Orange Is The New Black Edition(NO SPOILERS!):

1. Red, Claudette, Pete

2. Piper, Tastee, Dayanara

3. Sophia,Nicki, Janae

4. O'Neill, Bennett, Healy

5. Alex, Pennsatucky, Suzanne

If you won $2,000,000 and you could only spend $1,000 on yourself, what would you do with the rest of the money?


What do you think about this article?


Remember this is an open thread, talk about anything you want as long as it follows the GT guidelines!