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Time once again for us to put our Netflix on pause and join the Friday night singles of Kinja open thread!

Welcome! Sometimes I do this when I'm bored. I am GreyjoysMissingMember and I am single. I drink alone at night more often than I should. Every so often I have a sub-par sexual encounter but for the most part I don't go out much, I don't do much and I really don't enjoy much these days. It's a pretty lame existence I'll admit but... oh well? I'm not actively pursuing any relationship or dating at the moment, not that it's nonexistent, I just don't think it's that interesting. I don't talk about dating irl so basically my friends and family think I do absolutely nothing and meet no one. That isn't entirely true. Just mostly true. I've become pretty numb to it, I don't meet anyone I'm fully interested in and they don't impress me. So shrug to life, shrug to love, shrug to happiness!


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