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Friday night Thoughts

-Bad day at work, couldn't focus couldn't do a good job on anything, don't know what was wrong with me (my nerves are just shot and I really need a mental health day)

-Finally watching Bob's Burgers , holy crap that show is just name the actor doing a guest voice, it's a good show to have on while I interwebs and relax

-My cats are being super rambunctious because I want someone to cuddle with me

-Having friends over tomorrow for dinner can't decide if I should cook or be lazy and get takeout.


-Back to Bob's Burgers and maybe I'm being a feminazi and I LOVE TINA but why are her and Linda voiced by dudes?

-One of my oldest guy-friends has been binging Doctor Who. So yay new Whovian! I'm like WATCH FASTER WE HAVE TO TALK ABOUT STUFF. We're each other's movie friend. Like going to see Chaplin's Gold Rush in the theater, or some crazy people made a terrible movie on a 100 dollars and then some other people are showing it with every C-level horror trailer from the 80s or we can spend 2 hours at the used DVD store without anyone getting mad at us. Basically when there's something "weird" one of us wants to do we know bothering partners is pointless and just call each other.

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