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Friday OT

A collection of random thoughts this Friday:

I finally saw Moonlight. It every bit lived up to he very high expectations set by months of festival chatter and film critic hype. The cast is unbelievable, and even though no one actor has a lot of screen time each character is so memorable. Definitely try to see this if it’s playing near you. I’m seeing The Handmaiden tonight, and going to a few plays over the weekend. It’s going to be busy but hopefully worth it.


I’m starting to wonder if I have a sensory sensitivity problem. When I came in this morning one person was on the phone and the cubicle next to mine were all chatting and it was driving me out of my mind. The same thing happens most afternoons. One of our directors is in the cubicle next to mine and his kid comes in after schools and laughs so loudly all the time. It’s painful. I can’t tell if i’s just an annoyance or if it’s bothering me more than what might be considered normal. But, we just found out our health insurance costs are going up a fuck ton, so even if this is an actual problem, I probably can’t afford to figure it out. So that’s fun.

Speaking of fun, I’m trying to mentally prepare myself for the possibility of a Trump presidency. As much as we all like to say we’ll move, most of us won’t, so I want a plan of action for what to do and how to fight back against the damage he’ll so. Anybody have thoughts on this?

How’s everybody’s Friday?

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