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I un-deleted my OKCupid profile. Is anyone else super weirded out about giving out their phone number? Like, after maybe a brief chat this guy asks for my number and to possibly meet up and I’m like... shouldn’t we get to know each other? He was nice enough about it when I politely declined but to me that comes off like he’s just trying to get as many dates as possible or something and honestly I just don’t want my phone inundated with text messages. Also, I repeatedly said I had a broken leg and meeting up was not possible. I even mention my leg in my profile. Yet I keep getting messages from people who’s profiles are about how they love hiking and shit. What the fuck is up with LA people and hiking? My version of hiking is drive to top of hill/mountain, get out and look around, sit for a bit and read or some shit. I don’t like the idea of driving somewhere just to walk around and most of the hiking trails are covered in garbage because this city has a fine coat of garbage everywhere. I’m sorry LA but you covered in trash. Anyway, it just feels like some poetic mishap. I’ll be drinking alone tonight. I wore a cute dress to work, but I ain’t foolin’ no one, I’m not going anywhere later, I have a date with my TV and a bottle of wine.


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