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Welcome To The Bitchery
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This tiny creature and his/her three little siblings were born and live in our yard now. This is very sweet and cute and awwww and squeeeee but very, very grrrr for the dog friends who live in our house. Suddenly, my sweet pooches are not quite who I think they are (because mostly I think they are mobile stuffed animals instead of, you know, actual animals). So, I'm at home today minding the doggies and keeping all the furry creatures safe. Probably cleaning windows, too.


I got a cute customer service email from Zappos.com, which I'll share because it made me smile:

Good morning withpurplesocks!

Thank you for emailing Zappos.com! My Name is Simone, and I am more than happy to help you with your VIP question today.

I hope that you are having a fantastically awesome day! Here is a fun 1980's music fact for you: this week in 1984, the number one pop song in the U.S. was "Against All Odds", by Phil Collins!


Have a great day!

Simone B,

Your 80's music-loving Zapponian

Customer Loyalty Representative

How is your morning/evening out there, GroupThinkers? Anything interesting or important or super banal going on? Any furry creatures or Phil Collins trivia you care to share? Any Zapponians out there? Are any of you Simone B, because I really would like to be Simone B's friend? (Simone, come join us!)

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