In past jobs, on Fridays, everyone would be a little chill, just hanging out, trying to get out a few minutes early. At my job, Fridays are sudden deadlines, getting prepared for the weekend (we run weekend classes for adults), and everyone I've ever met calling me as if this Friday is different from every other Friday in my whole life.

So here I am, with a minute of quiet. I have been going 10000000 mils a minute since 8am this morning, and now it is 2 and I got all my deadlines met and I have a few minuets without the phone ringing.

And I am complaining to you.

And I want you to give me your favorite song right now. Bonus points for pump-me-up sort of songs. When I am in what my employees call "survival mode" on Fridays, I listen to upbeat songs of my childhood (the 90s).