Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

Friday's Music Angry Edition

Last week we talked about Good Mood Music. I am very, very angry at work right now. My boss just fucked my project again and in the same breath asked why we were behind. This week we will explore Bad Mood Music.

What do you blast in your car, headphones, speakers when you want to give the world the middle finger?

This one usually gets two playings in a row from me. Just so angry. I love it.

This one actually makes me laugh a little bit. All that one guy does is hit the empty keg with a baseball bat. Get it, dude. Get it.

This one has multiple uses. It is in my "Energy" mix, too. Part of me enjoys blasting this when I am in a bad mood because so many people hate dubstep. Yup, I'm that petty.

This one usually brings me down from my angry/rage high. I can start getting my shit in order by the time this rolls around to my anger mix.


I promise next week we will be back to the more fun, less angry Friday's Music. Anyone have a good idea for a theme for next week?

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