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Welcome To The Bitchery
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Friday's Music - Covers

I bid you all a Good Friday (rimshot.gif). Today I will be short and sweet. Work is sort of crazy-go-nuts, and I cannot take a lot of time to make this post. Based off of the Will Forte/Deathcab conversation I lurked on earlier, today's Friday's Music will be covers. What is your favorite cover? Best cover of a song you love? Best cover of a song you hate? Song you didn't realize was a cover until much, much later?

I didn't realize this was a cover until only a few years ago. I felt silly for not knowing that for some reason.

I love love love the original, but this version appeals to my "middle class white boy from the suburbs" angst.

I have seen these guys play a few times. They are amazing. I tried to find their medley of Jungle Book music, but my Google-fu failed me.

No post about covers would be complete without these guys.

Have a great weekend everyone. BLALOCK OUT!


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