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Friday's Music - Fathers

In honor of this Sunday (remind your siblings), today’s Friday’s Music is a tribute to fathers.

What music did your dad get you to enjoy? What music makes you think of your father? Or, you know, anything even tangentially associated with fathers. I’m not picky.

One of my mom’s favorite stories involves me singing this song at the top of my lungs after a little league game (Go Red Tigers!) at the local ma & pop pizza place. Apparently we were getting weird looks. My dad had to watch what music he listened to around me after that.

I have a vivid memory of listening to this song while driving to Colorado for a family vacation. We were on a stretch of empty roadway between Dumas and Amarillo on US287. It was predawn, and light was just starting to reach the prairie.

Nothing special here. This is just a great song I remember my dad rocking out to anytime it came on.

This last one has sort of a double memory. I remember sometime in the mid 90s changing a tire on the side of US183 in Austin, TX with my dad with this on the radio. And then, when they retired, my parents moved back to Colorado. My dad ended up with a share of Denver Broncos season tickets, and he took me to a few games when I was in town. The Denver Broncos use this song as their entrance music when they run out onto the field.

Happy Father’s Day.

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