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Friday's Music - GET AMPED!

Today my wife, Nimsimbelmyne to those here that know her from CAH, is defending her thesis. Today's Friday's Music theme is music to get pumped to. What do you listen to to get yourself psyched up for something? Playlist for presentations? Music to run (and keep running) to? What gets your blood flowing? My list is for Nim.

Muse is her favorite band. Nuff said.

This one isn't the fastest song ever, but it helps clear the clutter in the mind.

I love these guys so much. I have brought Nim over into loving them. This song makes me think I can tear down a mountain.

And finally, as long as you don't think about the suuuper gross stuff this guy is in jail for, this song should headline any "Jock Jams" type list ever. PS: You are welcome I dug to find one without his creepy face on it.

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