Friday’s Music, y’all! Let’s do comedy music today. Now, when I say comedy music, I mean anything that makes you chuckle and laugh. It can be on purpose, accidental, or situational. Just know that if it is situational for you, I am going to want stories. Anyway, on with the comedy!

This one is so damn catchy. I get it stuck in my head all the damn time. I am listing it first to hopefully dislodge the earworm by the end of the listicle.

I honestly believe this album could exist if they crowdfunded it. They would need quite a lot of money to pay everyone, though.

I clearly remember hearing this one on Dr. Demento’s radio show on the way to take the SAT in the 90’s. Lauren was in the car with me. HI LAUREN!

I saw this guy open for They Might Be Giants several years ago at Lupo’s in Providence, RI. He is fantastic, and everyone should buy his albums.