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Friend Debate: How To Eat A Bagel

When my friends and I went on a mini-vacation to Las Vegas, we decided breakfast would be something we made ourselves. Someone suggested bagels. I told them I'd bring the butter. And so the saga of the Butter or Schmear bagel was born.

I like my bagels toasted with butter. I've got nothing against cream cheese. I actually very much enjoy cream cheese. I'm down to eat it on a cold bagel with some lox, cucumbers, tomatoes, and capers. But 99% of the time, I don't have those items all at the same time. I don't keep cream cheese in my refrigerator. I don't buy capers. Butter is cheap and has many uses.


A cold bagel with butter is gross, so toasted bagel with butter is the cheapest, easiest option.

My friends thought this was a disgusting abomination. They could not fathom having a bagel without schmear. "Bagels are incomplete without schmear!" they say.

And now I turn the question to you: How Should You Eat A Bagel?

A. Toasted with Butter

B. Cold with Butter

C. Toasted with Cream Cheese

D. Cold with Cream Cheese (and various other toppings)

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