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Friend Problem Solved, Graduation, and IRON MAN 3 GUYS OMG

So I talked to my friend and it went well. I told her that she hurt my feelings, and she told me she was sorry. I'm not perfect, so she said that sometimes I bounce off the walls and she doesn't really know how to react. And she said she's been so stressed lately that she reacts differently. I accepted that, and she owned her stuff. We hugged it out and are walking together in graduation (even though I don't technically graduate until next year). I'm happy again. Thanks for all the help y'all gave me!

Speaking of graduation, so many hoops to jump through! Getting tickets, ordering photos and gown, etc. I think I ordered the wrong size gown, but if I can't change it, oh well. I'm pretty petite, but my friend told me (after the fact, of course) to get the smallest one to show a little leg. So I'm trying to change it. Fingers crossed!

Which brings me to the movie I am so stoked about. IRON MAN 3! Oh my god, I have a total crush on Robert Downey Jr., even bigger than the one I had on Jon Stewart in middle school. And the best part? The friend I made up with will carry on our tradition of seeing it with me (plus my other best friend). Basically, they restrain me every time Pepper Potts comes on...I mean, I kinda like Gwyneth Paltrow, because she's hella amusing, but still. Looking forward to seeing it, just like old times. Tradition began when my friend-same one I was feuding with-dragged me to see Iron Man 2 (saw the first one in high school) after my boyfriend dumped me. That, in my opinion, was one of the nicest things anyone has ever done for me. So I'm glad she's back. Who else is seeing it?


I can't believe graduation is so close, and that I made up with my friend, and that I get to carry on our tradition. I'm pretty happy. Except for my midterms, except they should be pretty easy.

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