Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

So, I've been friends with this girl for about 6 years and we are really close in a lot of ways. I'm older than her, and at this point in our lives those years make a difference. Anyway, she is pretty flaky and always has been. She calls me her best friend but is always 'so busy!' whenever we talk, She's about the graduate and is working like crazy, so I definitely get that.

However, I always see a shit ton of facebook pictures of her hanging out with her other friends. She has a huge circle and always seems to be out doing stuff with all these people I don't know. So I won't hear from her for like 2/3 weeks and then she'll text me telling me how much she misses me and she can't wait to hang out, but never tries to plan anything. It's like, uhh you seem to be doing plenty of hanging out. Most of these people are kind of shitty friends and probably once a month she tells me about how terrible people are and how I'm one of her only true friends.


I am wrong to be a little hurt/offended? I've watched her repeat the same social cycle for a long time and it feels like I'm just a back up friend or something.

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