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So, a lot of people in Sokka's friend circle hit on me. This makes me uncomfortable for several reasons:

1)Sokka is by far the most attractive of %99 of his friends. No fault on them, I'm just not interested.


2)I'm pretty sure they all know we dated.

3)This feels like a violation of friend-code to me. Friendcest.

4)The last time someone tried to pull the friendcest crap on me (without my consent) it turned ugly and Sokka and I almost lost our friendship. I still do not speak to that asshole who tried to do that.

5)Something about this feels like i'm being passed around. It feels all sorts of icky to me.

My one friend says they really have no reason to care about my past relationship with him (which, I guess, is true...we broke up a long time ago), but I dunno....this isn't some high-school drama where everybody dates everybody else's ex and it's all good because your main cast consists of seven people. Sometimes this is unavoidable, but we live in New York City. It is a biiiiiggg fucking place. Just because I'm single and lonely (not the same thing) and sometimes complain about being sad on FB doesn't mean I'll date the first guy who is nice to me. And I don't think having the reaction of "wtf? who are you? go away!" means i'm being hypocritical about my loneliness. Does it?


We made friendly at a party months and months ago. Why are you texting me out of the blue asking to hang out? I don't even know how you got my damn number! Go awaaaayyyyyy!

I'm mostly put off because when I complained to my friend about it she kinda snapped at me. Maybe I talk about my dude-problems too much to her...maybe it comes off as humble-braggey (not my intent at all)...maybe she's just in a bad mood. But yeah. It hurt my fee-fees.

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