Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

Meh. I don't really have any friends back here in my hometown. Like no one to hang out with except one friend, but she's always busy. The rest of my high school friends all moved far away. I love being back home for the year and am content with spending time alone, with my family, or with my boyfriend (but I only see him once a week). But it would be so nice to hang out with other people, you know? I miss all of my college friends :( We're all so spread out now that it's a drag to travel out to see each other. I mean, I visited my two best friends in New York 2 weeks ago, but it was an exhausting and kinda expensive trip.

Anyway, usually I don't feel so bad about being friendless back home, but then I feel lame whenever my boyfriend has plans with his friends and I'm all, "yeah, I'm sitting at home and watching TV/playing Sporcle/being lazy."


Just venting.

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