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Friends! i'm moving :)

Welp, my other half has accepted a pretty phenomenal job offer in the Philadelphia area, so as soon as I find a job there we will be relocating from DC!

I’m excited! His company is generously allowing us basically as much time as we need to relocate, so he will go up for training for two weeks, then go up as needed for meetings and work remotely the rest of the time. Once I find something we will move, hopefully in the 6-month range.

We’ve been to Philly a couple times and really like it; it was high on our list of “would move to” places. We weren’t actively looking to move right now, but they recruited him and it turned out to be a great fit, so we are rolling with it.


I already had a good conversation with a recruiter at a pretty large organization and that feels promising, plus a couple other leads I’ve applied to. I am lucky in that my industry is very transferable and actually there’s more in Philly than there is in DC for me.

So, yay!

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