Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

Friends, it’s almost over. The most terrible, awful, no good, rotten month on the calendar is in its final days, and I, for one, couldn’t be happier.

This month:

  • My work life has been completely chaotic. One of my direct reports has reached peak terrible behavior and the entire month has been spent putting out her fires, conducting internal interviews, and trying to stay out of the way of a larger-scale HR investigation pending against her. I’ve had employees quit. I’ve had surprise audits. I’ve had ENOUGH.
  • I am potentially trying to move this summer {my lease is up in July, I don’t need to give notice, and this house is not only too small, it’s falling apart around me. Literally. A part of my bedroom ceiling caved in from a roof leak & it took my landlord 2 full weeks to take care of it. My landlord would love for me to stay another year, so there’s no pressing need to move unless I want to.} EVERY SINGLE HOUSE I was putting feelers out on was taken off the market this month. WHERE DID THEY GO??? They have not sold. They’re just off-market. Every other house that meets my space needs in the areas I want to live in are being held for rentals for the RNC, as the owners can get 20,000+ a week.
  • The love of my life, the sweetest, most clever little dog ever, my baby boy Schnapsie passed away this past Tuesday. He got sick and declined sharply over just a few days, so we were not at all prepared to say goodbye to him. I wrote about him on my own blog, but he was absolutely the light of my world, and I am completely heartbroken.

Seriously, fuck this month.

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In celebration of March nearing its end, I’ve decided to hit restart on some things. I know this has been a particularly shit-tastic month for a handful of other GTers...who wants to treat April like New Years with me?!

My April New year’s resolutions are going to be:

  • Get super serious about my skin. Brightersideoflife’s post about bronzers yesterday sent me down a rabbit hole of hammering out a Korean skincare regimen I will commit to. A sizable Peach & Lilly order has been placed. I’m currently wearing a post-shower charcoal sheet mask. I’m ready.
  • Get debt-free. Instead of spending my tax-return on expensive travel, I’m going through my credit report, and wiping things out. It makes zero sense for someone my age with a good job to be sitting on medical bills and student loans, tanking my credit score. I WILL be responsible this year!
  • Lose 50 lbs. Okay, so I don’t expect to do this in a month. But I’m tired worrying about my health and not fitting into any of my clothes from 3 years ago. I gained a ton of weight while on high-dose steroids, but I’m the only one who can take it off. Let’s go swimming!
  • I’m getting a new intern in May, and the HR investigation w my current DR should be wrapped up in the next week or so. Things have GOT to be looking up!
  • ETA: I’ve also fallen off the DuoLingo wagon in the most embarrassing of ways. Look away, MPFBonnet, look away! I WILL get back to two exercises a night!

What about you, GT? What are your Spring resolutions? How do you plan on bouncing back from the March Madness Blues? Is there any light at the end of your tunnels coming up?

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