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UGH a friend has been in labor for over 24 hrs and her husband has been posting dumbass facebook game crap all on day. His own mother (she’s out of state) had to put in a comment asking how his wife’s labor was going. Which suggests he isn’t even bothering to communicate with his own immediate family.

God he’s such a fucking douchebag. I can’t go into details here, but suffice to say his picture should be in the dictionary next to douchebag.

My poor friend has major medical issues* and her first obgyn did not want her to have a vaginal birth due to brain trauma and elevated stroke risk, but oh no, husband convinced her to find a podunk rural MO shitass ob who was okay with trying it. I’m surprised they didn’t do an emergency c-section after all these hours of labor. Then again, podunk rural MO shitass medical center.


*very high risk pregnancy


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