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...help me podcast good!

I enjoy podcasts, but I always listened to them on an Apple device, so it was pretty easy peasy. Built in podcast app, check! I will still use that at work, but I wanted to listen to podcasts today and find some new ones to subscribe to. On my phone, though.

I have an Android phone now, and Stitcher is the app I had downloaded (attached to the website of one of my podcasts), and either it sucks, or I'm too stupid to figure it out.


My information request is twofold: how do you listen to your podcasts?

And what podcasts do you listen to, and why?

I listen to Bill Maher (yeah, I know), Star Talk, Savage Love, The Nerdist, Cracked (that one is actually REALLY solid. I saw one that interested me, and subscribed after that. It's not all dick jokes!), and then random TED talks that catch my fancy. I just realized that I must have unsubscribed to Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me, because it's not in my list. Hmmmm.

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