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Friends who are 'rapey' ( according to the grapevine)

help. I was told today (by a very drunk dude) that a few guys that I have enjoyed hanging out with are 'Rapey' and have made a different friend uncomfortable by hitting on her when she has a boyfriend and wasn't into it. It was third hand info, the 'rapey' part wasn't really clarified, and I've spent extensive time (including a weekend long camping trip) with these dudes without any feeling that they are creepy boundary transgressors. But also I'm oblivious a lot of the time and I don't want to be friends with creepy people/perpetuate rape culture by endorsing friends who transgress boundaries. I am probably sleeping soon but wouldbe grateful for any advice. Do I continue hanging out with them when we are invited to the same place, actively try to avoid them or actively try to hang out with them (which was my plan up til tonight) because I've genuinely enjoyed all our interactions so far?


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