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Friends with Money

Totally ridiculous rant here, but anyone else deal with friends with loads and loads of unchecked (never checked!) privilege and wealth?

I have a very dear friend who would literally give you the shirt off her back, but is so privileged and wealthy and clueless that sometimes I just cannot with her. As Mr. Farce says, she and her husband have never had "real people problems." Mini scenario rant to follow:

  • When we were playing Bill Roulette a few years ago month-to-month, she was offended when we had to turn down repeated invitations to their lake house, since we couldn't afford to contribute anything during our visit or even pay for the gas to get there.
  • She and her husband bought a giant piece of property in town where they intend to build their dream house, all while owning a lake house and their current abode. She told me how "unfair" their taxes were this year. :|
  • We have a mutual friends' wedding coming up, she teased me when we went shopping for dresses and, rather than purchase a new $200 dress from WH|BM, I opted for something that already fit at home. Yes, clearly, I'm a cheapskate.
  • I hung out with her Friday night. When I couldn't stay over (she likes sleepovers a lot for someone in her 30s - doesn't like to be alone and our respective menfolk were at a Stag), she asked why. "I have chores around the house tomorrow." I responded. To which she whined, "You ALWAYS have chores!" I felt like screaming, "WELL WE CAN'T AFFORD A CLEANING SERVICE."

Ugh. I feel like such a shitty friend by getting annoyed with her, especially since she is genuinely kind and generous, she's just so clueless. SO, so, so clueless sometimes. Is shaken-friend syndrome a thing? Because I might be the first perpetrator of that if this continues. Anyone else deal with this? Is it too late to explain to her exactly why these things bug me, or should I just let.it.go? She is a good friend and a kind person.

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