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Friendship advice request (Updated)

Update: I sent her a text apologizing for not giving her the emotional support she needed and told her that I want to help, I just need her to tell me how since i have no idea what I am supposed to do.

She came to her senses and once she was reassured that I am excited about the tiny version of her that she is currently producing, all was good. So thanks again my Jezzies, you are the most awesome group of friends I have on the interwebs. And whoa, I had no idea pregnancy was going to be such a crazy ride :0


So my friend is pregnant and I just found out this past Sunday. I was the first person she told, so it was a pretty big deal. And she really wanted to get pregnant, so I am so happy for her.


But today she got angry with me and said she was so disappointed in me for not asking about the pregnancy and not being excited for her. We were at work and no one else knows, so I didn’t know what to say. And I got angry at her for attacking me. I tried to explain that I didn’t know what to say (I have no desire to have children, so I have no interest in the process and have not researched all the milestones) I even tried to tell her that I’ve been designing baby blankets to crochet and planning freezer recipes to make so she doesn’t have to cook. But she wasn’t hearing any of it. And when I said she was being unfair, she said not to make it about me. But she fucking freaked out on me, so it was about me.

I called my mom because I am really at a lost. A part of me wants to be like, fuck you, this is not how you resolve conflict with a friend. But I really like her. My mom said she has a ton of hormones going through her right now and is probably really emotional and taking it out me because I am an easy target. So I should be the bigger person. I sent her a text apologizing for not giving her the emotional support she needs. But I would like to hear from you ladies. Have you been in a similar situation? I want to be supportive, but I am not a mind reader. Moms that are friends with childless (by choice) women, what do you wish your friends knew? Childless women, how did you navigate this minefield?

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