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Friendship question!

Since we had a Friendzone on the main page, and I just got Groupthink approvified- I have a question for all y'alls.

So, I am an atheist. I try really hard not to be a dick about it- I don't tell people religion is stupid, or Jesus isn't real or call people sheep. Most people don't know until they ask me about religion. I'm a live and let live kinda kid.

So, one of my friends is a very religious Christian. She knows about my lack of faith and so we mostly keep our conversations far, far away from religion and politics but something happened the other week and I don't know how to approach it. I don't remember how the conversation swung around, but suddenly we were talking about charity. She loudly told me that atheists could never give to charity, that they have no concept of morality without god. I was taken aback, but said that as an atheist, I thought I was a pretty moral person and didn't need god.


Her:"So, when was the last time you gave to charity"

Me: "Well, I crochet y'know. I try and get an afghan and a bunny over to the homeless children's shelter about every month or so. When I can get one done"

Her: (in the most acid voice I've ever heard) "Well don't you think you're something special"

I'm really hurt by this. I like her a lot as a person, but I think maybe she doesn't think I'm really "worthy" of her friendship because of religion. I don't think I was bitchy about my charity work- but maybe I was unwittingly. I'd hate to friend break up with her, I'm in a new-ish town and don't have a huge pool of friends here. What would you guys do? How would you handle it?


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