Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

Frigging Panic Attacks

I hate that I am a grown-ass woman and anxiety wins.

It's a combination of

a) I don't feel well, which always sparks anxiety. The antibiotics are not agreeing with me at all plus sinus issues. My mom unhelpfully told me I have a black spot on my tongue and now my mind is all focused on that.


b) I'm about to drive halfway across the country alone

c) nope. really the first two.

I am an old chick who has conquered much in her life. I've driven across the country alone a dozen times. I've been thrown into some crazy situations. Sometimes meditation works. Sometimes breathing works.


Why, why does this happen? It drives me crazy that I can't conquer these anxiety tsunamis. Thank you for letting me freak the hell out.

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