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Frightening computer dilemma

Just when I was finally saying to myself, wow, I am having a calm morning, I got a call from someone saying they were from Microsoft, that hackers from China were trying to use my windows network and they needed to clear them off. My first reaction was that these were hackers themselves, trying to get me to give them information, however they provided me with a bunch of information about my computer and though I didn't give them any of MY information that they were asking for, it seemed legit after a while, and they showed me that there are about 12 IP addresses linked to my computer that are not me and they said that if those people used them for illegal activity that I would be liable and potentially arrested. However after going back and forth with this for nearly an hour then it seemed suddenly like they were trying to sell me some kind of protection package, so I hung up on them. I installed Spybot and ran it and it detected no threats other than a few tracking cookies, but the phone call people said that my banking information had been compromised. I just checked my balance using my phone and it is what it should be, but I can't change my password on my phone, but now I am afraid to change my password using my computer because then the hackers if any will see what I've changed it too. This has me majorly freaked and I actually feel like I just can't take it coming at the end of a string of such stressful things one after the other and leading in to a scary and stressful time as I prepare for surgery in three weeks. Ugh! I either have been hacked and hung up on the people trying to help me, or I've just allowed phone people to hack me by taking to them; either way, I'm scared of my computer now. Does anyone have any wisdom about this situation?


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