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From Admiral Boorda To General Kelly (what a difference and deep slide) tw suicide








I am sure some oldsters recall this incident. Back in 1996 there was a high ranking Admiral Jeremy Boorda. Boorda was being investigated for having a medal that he may not have earned.


Admiral Boorda wrote it was an honest mistake to spare bringing harm and controversy to the Navy he killed himself.

No he should not have done that. Yet something about this always struck me. A man who thought of the good of the Navy first himself second. A man whose idea of honesty was intwined with honor.

Today we have a 4 Star General absolutely lying about a Congresswoman Wilson. I do not believe for a minute he was misremembering her speech. He has staff to check in case he misremembered. He obviously did not do this.

Yesterday was the lie. He lied about the phone call, she was in the car and the phone was on speaker phone. He then lied about a speech she gave especially concerning money, she was not in congress when the money was being collected.


Today not once did he come out to say he was wrong.

He is a man without honor, a man who is a liar and brings shame to the uniform he wore and the position he had also the respect he that still comes from it.


I am not saying he should follow Boorda’s route but he should take the example of honor, truth and protecting the integrity of military above all else.

Kelly failed in honor, in truth (let’s face it there is no honor when there is no truth) and protecting integrity of the military. How can he a Four Star General (even retired) protect the integrity of military when he lies. It gives all below a license to lie.


If Kelly has any honor left he needs to publicly apologize. The lying was in public the apology needs to also be in public. He needs to also ask that people call him Mr Kelly not General Kelly he does not deserve that title.

Article on Boorda and his suicide.


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