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From Endless Embroidery Thread to...

It's a nearly finished piece (just need to install the mech on the back to put it up on the wall) taken with a horrible camera and photo edited horribly.


You may remember my long-awaited discovery of my embroidery thread, post move. Well, the piece I was working on at the time is done and I've moved onto something much bigger and intimidating.

Again, camera is teh suck (iPhone come in the mail NOW!). It's 4-5 feet long 1x4 with slanted ends that I found in the alley one day. This time, I'm trying to mimic the grain more authentically (which'll mean a trip to Michael's for more thread thisdifferent from each other). I worked on it Sunday and a little yesterday and the progress is SLOOOOOOOW. It's way more intricate (not just thread next to thread but with swirls and little segments amidst the longer pieces) and I have no idea how it'll look in the end.


I'm hoping these two pieces will be able to get me either some $ on etsy or in the artsy boutiques around my neighborhood or/and at least get my new portfolio started.

EDIT: Oh God, my camera phone really is the worst. I added a clearer detail picture for the top since huge fuzzy pics make me (and others) sick.

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