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I don’t know how many of you are avid Frontline viewers (but you should be tho), but two nights ago they aired Growing Up Trans, about trans kids (ages 9-18) dealing with the transition process. Everyone should watch it.

It was very emotional. I was really impressed with how well these kids understood themselves and the world, though. I can’t really remember being a tween, but I don’t think I was anywhere close to that self aware. One girl in particular had such a deep emotional maturity that it was hard to believe she’s really just 13.


It was tough to watch, especially the older teens who were venturing further into transition and having to deal with permanent changes. Like, how do you ask a 13 year old things like whether they want to have biological children? How do they know for sure? But also, there is no way you cannot tell them that there is a risk of infertility, you know?

Anyway, just watch it.

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