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Frowny Face

As some of you know, I'm a substitute teacher. I had taught full-time for five years and then I didn't pass on portion of my state's evaluation (not a VAM evaluation). I've been on a forced-hiatus of sorts for the last three years. Losing my job came at a really bad time (I'd just recovered from MRSA and a broken ankle, in addition to having a 6-month-old). I spun into a depression that took a few months to sort out.

I started substitute teaching to keep my skills up and to let the school know I was still interested in being there. It felt good to have the kids be excited to see me, and I feel like I've been an effective substitute. I really miss making my own lessons, but it is nice to have very few responsibilities. Also, I've been able to spend a lot of time with my two young girls, so I've tried to see this hiatus as a blessing in disguise.


Well, I can reapply for my license on August 1st. There was an opening at the school where I used to work, so I applied for it. I was feeling pretty confident, since the entire English Department has been asking when I can come back and begging me to apply. I also had a good rapport with the Principal, so I figured I'd at least be considered.

Yesterday I checked the status of my application. The position was closed. I figured that maybe they closed it to sort through the candidates and get some interviews going. I contacted the Department Chair (who has been begging me to come back) to see what I could expect. Well, it turns out the position has been filled. I didn't even get called for an interview. :(


There are two other high schools in the town, one of which is an alternative high school. So far there are no openings at either. The middle school up the road has one English teacher opening, and I've worked with that Principal before, so I applied there. But I haven't worked with middle schoolers since my student teaching course in college. I don't think I'll get it.

Anyway, I'm a little bummed about not being considered. I figured I'd at least get an interview. My only solace is that my colleague told me that many people from the other traditional high school applied for that one position, so someone with an "in district transfer" probably had priority. Also, our Education Secretary Designate is a jackass that is trying to privatize every public school and is enacting ridiculous policies that hurt teachers and schools. Hopefully with this year's election she will be forced out with our Palin-esque governor. I can just keep subbing for now and hope I can come back to better policies next year.

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