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So, noted Frozen hater Mayim Bialik wrote a thing about a Similac ad. Basically the ad shows the "mommy wars" and all the different mom choices duking it out in the park, but when one kid almost ends up in danger, they band together to make sure baby is safe. Moral of the story "we're all moms!" Which, fine. I take no issue.

But Mayim, who is apparently a lactation consultant (and also an anti-vaxxer?!) says we shouldn't fall for the ad because they're just trying to SELL YOU THINGS and SCIENCE SAYS BREASTMILK IS BETTER etc etc. But like... she doesn't vaccinate her kids though and science said a word about that. Also, while she does kind of touch on the fact that not all moms can or want to breastfeed, she still takes a hardline stance that breastmilk is better and that you're kidding yourself if you think "artificial baby milk" is doing the same job.


Personally I feel the same way I feel about pregnant women. Moms know what is best for themselves. It's not as simple as breastfeeding "straight from the source" all the time. Women have jobs. For some women breastfeeding is painful. Some women are physically incapable. Some women just don't want to. Some women don't have the time to pump, or can't afford to store their milk for later use. There's a whole host of economic reasons why formula might be a better choice for some women, and it IS unfair to think you know better than them.

Personally I thought the ad was cute even if it did have its problems. It played on the mommy wars trope in a way that I was thought was funny and relatable in both a "I know that mom" and an "I am that mom" kind of way. I don't know why she's so appaled that the ad is trying to sell formula. That is.. kinda what ads do. They sell things. No benevolent ad agencies exist simply to tell you nice things about yourself. Certainly not unless they can cash in on it later. (Looking at you Dove!)

Maybe I'd be more offended if I had a baybeh? Thoughts?

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