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"Frozen" is Not What You Might Expect

I went and saw Frozen today with my mom as Thanksgiving tradition in my house dictates and was pleasantly surprised.

The story isn't what you might expect. As a gal with two sisters who are my best friends, it strummed my heartstrings.


The songs are very Disney (yes, it's a musical) and it's a very Disney story about acceptance and love and all that. Idina Menzel of course does an incredible job. I'd see the movie just to hear her sing again.

The animation is gorgeous. I saw it in 3D which was neither here nor there for me, it doesn't really make a huge difference. The children in the theater very much enjoyed the 3D elements, so if you have children this is a great film for them.

There is also an adorable short featuring Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse and a bunch of their old-timey pals.

So yea, overall, positive experience! Go and see it if you have time and the extra money!

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