I just put some ice cubes in my glass (from an ice maker freezer bin because the dispenser thing gets consistently clogged) and there was a dead fruit fly resting on top of the ice cubes in my glass.

Ewww you guys. Jut ew.

I had a bit of a fruit fly infestation 2 weeks ago (they liked sourdough starter discard apparently). I got it under control and only had one or two left (more like I left my door open and they flew in.) But one ended up in my ice. ICK!

I think my fruit flies issues started when I firsted working at a Louisiana restaurant in the summer. And the bartender refused to clean his rags more than once a week. So he would have fruit juice filled rags draped around the faucets for a week. So terrible. We would find fruit flies everywhere. Customers complained.

But if you have fruit flies, the best advice I can give is bleach your drains. And use this trap, it's the best.