One of my jobs is basically a supervisor without authority where I ask student workers to do something and watch them sulk and half ass it. It's wonderful. I work on Saturday mornings which is something I despised when I lived in NYC but (probably because the commute isn't very long and I no longer go out on weekends) isn't so bad in Boston? We are supposed to be here at 10. Actually, we are supposed to be here at 5 of 10 because the doors to this building open automatically and we have a lot of expensive equipment in here. And this entire semester, my student worker has strolled in from 10 to more often 30 minutes late. Every fucking week.

She would send emails at the beginning of the month but now she doesn't even bother. I gave her the benefit of the doubt for the first few weeks because we are all late from time to time but it's been every. fucking. week. I finally spoke to my boss who said that she would speak to her about it. There are a few other issues with this student such as her version of shelving is shoving something in any open space on the shelf so I was hoping that my boss would just give her a reminder of the rules and point her to the shelving information. But she hasn't bothered to speak to her about it at all. I had a meeting with her about something else last week and she said, "Oh, you know, I realized that (student) is just not a morning person. I think I'm going to switch her to later shifts next semester and hopefully that will take care of the lateness."

OH REALLY?? Um, ok? I am also not a morning person. At all. And last week, I was having spasms in my back. I still get my ass to work not just on time but early. Student had called out last week but the person who covered for her was, yep, really fucking late. The stance the library is supposed to take is that continued tardiness can get you fired. I don't want her to lose her job - she is a nice young woman but can she at least get a sit down from my boss? She was YET AGAIN A HALF HOUR LATE TODAY and we are having an incoming students event which people needed a lot of help with. I actually got here two hours early today to help set up. It's just really frustrating that the majority of my student workers do not give a fuck about this job and for the most part, I don't really care but, fuck, at least they show up on time. I get that they are young and I've got almost a decade on most of them but I just don't think it's fair to anyone to allow people to not give a shit about their job or coworkers. This is a real job. They get paid to be here. I'm sure she is putting that she was here at 10 on her time card. I also hate feeling like a fucking narc and tattling on people. I hate that.


I'm also still used to my former job as a head manager where I had actual authority and my bosses backed me up a little more. I don't know. Maybe I'm just too strict about shit like this?