So this morning a woman I know posted to Facebook, complaining about Dr. Matt Taylor's apology over wearing that shirt covered in scantily clad women to the international press conference. While she concedes that it is not appropriate for work, she insists that the shirt itself is not sexist, saying she has a dress with female silhouettes on it.

When I pointed out that the shirt could be seen to contibute to a hostile work environment for women in an industry where they are under represented, she came back with "he's probably worn it lots of time and none of his coworkers complained".

Aughhhh! How it is that some people still don't understand this?

1) Context matters. A woman wearing a shirt with naked female silhouettes as a private citizen is a very different thing than a powerful man in his field were women are under represented wearing a shirt with scantily clad women on it to an international press conference.

2). The very nature of a hostile work environment is that it is difficult for the group who finds the work environment hostile to object to things in that environment.


The only thing I can say in this woman's defence is that she is young, and has worked low level service jobs so has probably never had workplace harassment and discrimination training,